Ashley Viglione and Emma Norris are teammates for their club lacrosse team back home, but they’ve met a whole new crop of talented teammates this week at the National Lacrosse Classic. Norris and Viglione are both rising juniors representing their Washington D.C. high school. at the NLC and they’ve come to Delaware hoping to showcase their talent against teams from all over the nation.

“It’s fun to play teams from different areas because we usually always play the same teams from our region,” Norris said. Viglione added, “We mainly play East Coast teams at our tournaments so it’s fun to see teams from all over the country.”

The two Washington D.C. teammates have come to the NLC for similar reasons; recruiting exposure and a chance to play with some of the nation’s top talent.

Norris hopes to put her talent on display by playing aggressively and taking chances when the opportunities arise. “You have to try your best to be aggressive, go for every ground ball, take those chances and go for those interceptions,” she said. She hopes that her experience at the NLC will help her achieve her goal of playing lacrosse in college. “I really want to play at the college level. Hopefully lacrosse will help me get into a great school,” Norris said.

Viglione also views the NLC as an important part of the recruiting process as a rising junior in high school. “I’m hoping to continue the recruiting process and hopefully play D-1,” she said. Viglione mentioned two Patriot League schools, Bucknell University and Lehigh University, as potential destinations for her collegiate future. Right now she’s focused on playing hard for her D.C. team and showing what she can do at an elite level event. “Our coach tells us, even if you don’t see a coach that you might want to play for on the sideline still play your best because you never know who’s watching.”

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