Making his way to the stage of the National Lacrosse Classic didn’t come easy to Nolan Lerner. The 13 year old lacrosse player began his career only 3 years ago, and quickly realized how hard he was going to have to work in order to catch up to his teammates, many of whom had been playing for several years before him. Thanks to support from his family and private lessons from his coach, Lerner’s hard work gave him the opportunity to cement his position as an attackman for the San Diego 3D Selects, and earn an invitation to tryout for the National Lacrosse Classic.

Lerner said his favorite part of the 2018 National Lacrosse Classic was getting a chance to play with new teammates. The California ‘22-’23 team featured only 4 members of Lerner’s club team, but many familiar faces who he was excited to have the opportunity to play with. Lerner gave all of the credit to his NLC coaches for uniting the boys, and turning the faces of old rivals into new friends.

It’s hard to ignore Lerner when he’s charging down the field. His quick feet and soft hands make him stand out on the attack. In addition to those skills, it’s impossible to ignore the long, blonde hair flowing out of the back of his helmet. When asked about his Thor-like locks, he said it’s absolutely crucial to use conditioner (his go-to brand is Old Spice), and wear a headband or your lacrosse helmet 24/7 in order to attain his level of flow.

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