The spotlight is on the talented players on the field at the National Lacrosse Classic, as it should be, but it’s the dedication of their individual support systems back home that make the whole thing possible. Every lacrosse parent knows about the countless hours that go into traveling for tournaments, driving back and forth to practices and games, and making sure your kids are given the best opportunities to succeed in both school and sports. Making it to the National Lacrosse Classic is a great accomplishment for both players and the devoted parents who have supported them every step of the way.

“We’ve done three other tournaments besides the NLC, and we have one more this weekend,” said Meggan Derey, whose daughters played for the Virginia high school girls team. “This summer we’ve been in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, and Richmond.”

This kind of non-stop travel is undoubtedly tiring, but it’s ultimately worth it because of the friendships being formed, the skills and knowledge acquired, and the good times on and off the field. “We loved the speaker, Mindy McCord, that we listened to yesterday,” Derey said. “She was so good, and it’s great for the girls to hear all the information she gave on recruiting.”

David Shorrock, whose daughter Marisa played attack and midfield for New York Metro at the NLC, said all of the travel and expenses are worth it because of the dedication, experiences, and exposure his daughter gained. Shorrock said his daughter hopes play lacrosse at a high-level academic school, and experiences like the NLC give her great exposure for those programs, whether she gets scholarship opportunities or walks-on. “Her club team is good, but the quality of play here is much higher,” he said.

Shorrock enjoyed spending time at Rehoboth Beach and getting dinners with the team, but his favorite part of the NLC was watching his daughter make so many new connections at the event that he called “the culmination of the summer.”

“It’s a new team for my daughter so she’s just meeting new teammates and hopefully these are the girls she’ll be playing with in college,” he said. “She’s been coming home every night like ‘I love these girls, all they want to do is they want to win, they want to work together, and it’s not about individuals, everyone wants to be part of a team.”

Players, make sure to thank your parents for all of the travel, expenses, and time that goes into making your lacrosse career a possibility. The NLC should be a celebration of both players and parents that have worked so hard to reach the highest levels of lacrosse competition.

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