Aislinn Washburn, a goalie for Team New England, is a rising senior from Marshfield, MA. Much like her teammates at the National Lacrosse Classic, she aims to play college lacrosse, but she spends her fall seasons playing a sport most of her teammates have never even considered attempting. Back home, Washburn is a defensive end for the Marshfield High School football team.

She started playing football in fourth grade after spending a year convincing her parents and her brothers’ coaches to let her leave the sidelines and join the boys on the field. “I have two brothers and they both played. I was the water girl on their team so I went to every practice and always wanted to play, so I would ask my parents and ask the coach. I wanted to play really bad in third grade and they wouldn’t let me and finally the coach in fourth grade was like ‘yea play.’”

Washburn said her time on the football field over the years has actually helped her as a lacrosse player, especially from the goalie position. “I feel like it gives me a lot of confidence. If I’m not afraid of boys who are bigger than me, I don’t have to be afraid of a lacrosse ball either,” she said.

It’s Washburn’s second year playing in the NLC and she said the best part has been meeting talented new teammates and playing in an environment where you can focus on improving your individual skill set. “I love this, this is my second year here, and I had so much fun last year I had to come back, I love it,” she said.

Washburn hopes to play college lacrosse after her senior year at Marshfield High School, and listed Wagner College in New York and Wofford College in South Carolina as two schools she’s currently looking at.

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