The 2018 National Lacrosse Classic in Frederica, Delaware was a journey to remember. The opening ceremonies had all of the energy from the players, parents, and coaches. The guest speakers, such as the mayor of Delaware, were some of the best the event has ever seen. The Players’ Lounge allowed teams to hang out and play games like Cornhole, Kan Jam, and Fortnite. On top of all that though, was the competition at the event. Some of the toughest lacrosse competition from all ages converged on one field to compete in one of the largest lacrosse events the country has to offer. With all of these amazing things going on at last year’s event, we wanted to make sure we captured all of these moments. For the first time in the NLC’s history, an event video recapping last year’s event has been released.

From backflips, to team huddles, to intense stare-downs before a face-off, the video captures all of the hype that was in the air throughout the event last year. The video, created by Legacy Global Sports Lacrosse, posted the video to NLCNation’s website yesterday. Be sure to check out the event and get ready for next year by registering for a regional qualifier here.


The 2018 National Lacrosse Classic Event Video can be found hereĀ 

or it can be found on the NLCNation site.