Three Ways to Make it to the NLC

The Qualifier Dates for the 2019 National Lacrosse Classic have been released! For anyone who wants to attend the 2019 NLC, here are three ways that you can make it to the big event:

  1. Find a regional qualifier near you.
  2. Maverik Prospect Play – In
  3. All tournament team selection

If the regional qualifier route is the best fit for you – all you have to do is go to either the boys’ or girls‘ qualifiers here, and find a tryout that is in your area. Don’t see one right away? Don’t worry – we will keep updating both pages as new qualifier dates and locations are released. The best way to see if your area’s qualifier date has been released is to keep checking out the regional qualifier page, or to follow the NLC’s Instagram here.

The next route to making it to the National Lacrosse Classic is the Maverik Prospect Play – In. Each year, Maverik hosts a series of events called Maverik Prospect Days. Scheduled during the fall and summer seasons, Maverik Prospect Days bring together a diverse pool of players that want to supplement their club team participation with individualized training by college coaches, elite level competition while gaining maximum exposure to schools of interest. If you play well at one of these events and get noticed, you can receive a bid for the 2019 NLC.

And lastly, there’s the All-Tournament team selection. Long story short, this is what you have to do –┬áPlay in select tournaments throughout the country, make the tournament all-star team & you’ll automatically earn your bid in to the 2019 National Lacrosse Classic.


Attend a Regional Qualifier, Maverik Prospect Days Event, or make sure you’re on an All-Tournament team and we’ll see you on the field!