5 Tips From Dianna Eberl On Keeping Your Cool In The Cage

All-Star goalie turned coach, Dianna Eberl wants to share her 35+ years of lacrosse experience with you! Dianna won high school state championships before getting recruited to Rowan University (where she was a 4 year starter and now holds 3 records), and is now a Level 3 Certified US Lacrosse Coach. Take a knee and listen up while Coach Eberl shares her knowledge.

1) Never let anyone tell you that you “LET” the ball in. Goals are earned by the shooter.

2) Don’t dwell on goals scored. Make a mental adjustment, learn from it and move on!

3) Lacrosse wasn’t designed with goalies in mind. Getting scored on is just part of the game.

4) You are the last line of defense. It has to get past all of your teammates before it gets past you.

5) Get out of your own head! Being a goalie means playing by instinct. Trust your gut and take your BRAIN out of the GAME.

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