What’s one of the most important things any athlete throughout the entire sports realm must keep in their arsenal at all times? For us, it’s a winning mentality. An athlete lacking a winning mentality will have trouble succeeding in their sport. Fortunately, this is something that the National Lacrosse Classic prepares it’s athletes for; a winning mentality is introduced and emphasized throughout the entire journey. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the statistics.

Of our 1,154 male NLC alumni, 341 (67.52%) were on teams that appeared in the 2018 NCAA National Tournament. To dig deeper into that, 20 (10.15%) of those 341 NLC alumni were National Finalists and 19 (4.20%) were National Champions. To make sense of all of this, over half of the male athletes that attended the NLC ended up on a team that went to the NCAA National Tournament this year.

The NLC makes it a goal to bring together the country’s best players and coaches to meet on one ground. In doing this, players gain exposure to a tougher level of competition. They also receive guidance and coaching from some of the best in the business. Naturally, NLC athletes develop a level of confidence that can’t be achieved at your more traditional lacrosse events. NLC athletes play in an Olympic-style lacrosse experience that prepares them for the major matchups and competition they will face in college, like the NCAA Tournament.

Currently, the NLC has 505 (43.76%) male athletes playing Division I, 197 (17.07%) male athletes playing Division II, and 452 (39.17%) male athletes playing Division III.

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