Maximize Your Recruiting Exposure at the National Lacrosse Classic

If you’re participating in the National Lacrosse Classic, you’ve probably thought about a future playing college lacrosse. Over the years, the NLC has provided thousands of lacrosse players with an opportunity to get on the NCAA radar and interact with college coaches in an environment that lets their skills and coachability shine. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your NCAA recruiting opportunities at the National Lacrosse Classic.

Visit Nearby Colleges

Your NCAA lacrosse preparation doesn’t have to stop and start at the fields of D.E. Turf. There are numerous colleges within a few hours of the main event and it’s a great opportunity to parlay your NLC experience with a college visit or two. Every year, our guest speakers at the NLC preach the importance of taking campus visits to let colleges know you’re as interested in them as they are in you. Consider taking the time to fill out a recruiting form (available on all NCAA program’s websites) to get in touch with college coaches and let them know you’ll be in the area for a showcase and would love to set up a meeting with them. Simply allowing them to put a face with a name can go a long way towards getting on their recruiting radar. HERE is a list of colleges you can visit within two hours of D.E. Turf.

Seek Out NCAA Coaches

There’s a reason college coaches come to the NLC. They love the game of lacrosse and want to help train the next wave of players, but they also want to get to know players that might be interested in their programs down the line. Coaches also have plenty of communication with each other, so if you’re not interested in one coach’s program, that doesn’t mean it won’t pay dividends to get to know them and discuss your goals as a student athlete. The coaches at the NLC are there to help you, and they all want to see coachable players reach the next level.

NLC Game Film and Highlight Reels

Not every college coach will have the opportunity to see you play in person. That’s why it’s incredibly important to have a professionally made highlight reel and plenty of game film that you can send to NCAA programs in order to grab their attention. First Scout Productions will be on site at the NLC filming every minute of every game. Make sure to locate their booth at D.E. Turf so you can discuss the best custom film package to help you stand out. Or even better, get in touch with them before the NLC so they know you’re coming!


Your NLC tuition includes a ConnectLAX profile to help you connect with college coaches before our event, streamline on-site scouting via their digital coach book, and share game film with every coach post-event. ConnectLAX helps connect families with coaches to find colleges that fit both on and off the field. Their event social feed helps us promote the highlights and accomplishments of every player alongside our media partners.

For years, athletes have credited the NLC as the event that put them on the radar of their future college team. Prepare for your recruiting opportunities with the same effort you prepare for competition on the field and you can greatly improve your chances of being the next NCAA success story!