Nominate a Player for the National Lacrosse Classic

Players who are selected from a nomination qualify for selection to represent their region at the National Lacrosse Classic on July 15-18, 2019 where regional teams compete for a national championship in front of NCAA lacrosse coaches from every division.

Why Tryout?a Because 44% Of NLC Male Athletes Play Division I Lacrosse

By competing, NLC athletes receive benefits such as:

  • Learn from current NCAA college coaches
  • Get on the radar of coaches in attendance
  • Play against greater competition from 30+ states
  • Meet new friends on your team, and across the US
  • Compete for a national championship
  • Learn about the college recruitment process
  • Attend off-the-field seminars with leading sports professionals
  • Have the opportunity to qualify to represent LGS USA Lacrosse in international competition
  • Join an event that has 1,900+ players competing in the NCAA
  • Join NLC Nation!

Who Can Nominate a Player?

Anyone can nominate a player for the National Lacrosse Classic! Coaches, parents, siblings, name it! The best part about the nomination process is that you can nominate more than one player. If you've got a couple of student athletes or teammates that you want to see in Delaware this summer, go ahead and submit a nomination for them. The NLC is searching for the most talented lacrosse players in North America, and this summer is shaping up to have the best competition yet. Nominate today!

Coached by the Countries Top Coaches from These Schools


I think that its been really great for my son to play with different players and learning how they play. Especially since we came all the way from Colorado, it’s interesting to play east coast teams and learning from them and developing his skills.

Pam P.


We were able to attend one of the information sessions and it’s great to hear college experience pointers and tips from someone who is actually in the field and in college. My daughter gets a lot of valuable insight from someone in that position.

Mark P.


My sons have played in this event for a number of years. This is one of the events we have to do every summer. It’s really one of a kind in the lacrosse community, it’s really a special event.

Tom R.



We believe in creating an atmosphere that is competitive, instructional, and fun. We want each player leaving feeling as if they competed at a high level, learned a thing or two, and had fun. It is important we provide each player the opportunity to show their strengths within a tryout. For that reason, we put together each tryout focusing on all aspects of the game. Stick work, shooting, dodging, footwork, situational awareness. All things that are important when evaluating a player in order to make sure we put the best team together to represent your region at the National Lacrosse Classic.

Take a Look at the 2018 Event!

The 2018 event was a huge success and we are already looking forward to 2019.

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